Rob Culp

Owner – Little Fish Productions

Rob Culp

In 2013 I’d been working in video production in Spokane, Wa. for four years and was becoming aware of an unfortunate reality. The best stories aren’t necessarily the ones getting told and the most deserving organizations aren’t the ones being recognized.

I knew so many nonprofits, small businesses, and ministries in the Inland Northwest that were doing innovative and often life-changing work that no one seemed to know about. Organizations with great stories to share but without the resources to share them in the most impactful way.

Stories are powerful. Narratives shape how we see the world, our understanding of how we fit within it, and what we see as important. They give us hope and purpose, and galvanize us to change. I do believe that (if you’ll forgive me for quoting a comic book character) “with great power comes great responsibility.” And as a professional videographer and storyteller I felt a great responsibility to help those organizations tell their stories.

With four years of professional video production experience and more than my fair share of zeal, I started Little Fish Productions to do exactly that.

Since then I’ve had the privilege to work with dozens of amazing organizations in Spokane, throughout the country, and around the world. We’ve produced, shot, and edited hundreds of videos for dozens of clients and helped some amazing organizations extend their reach and influence.

But the more we do the more I realize we’re just scratching the surface and there’s a lot more work to be done. I’ve loved these past few years, the wonderful experiences, and unforgettable stories I’ve heard and been privileged to help share and look forward to continuing this journey.

Rob Culp

Owner, Little Fish Productions

What Our Clients Have to Say

“It’s so nice to work with a production company that understands mission-driven work and is willing to work with nonprofits on budget. I would absolutely recommend Little Fish to other nonprofits and small businesses!”

Colleen Fox
Director of Development and Communications, Ronald McDonald House Charities Inland Northwest

“Rob did an excellent job of understanding what we wanted to convey… He led the entire process with kindness, grace, and humor and everyone who he worked with felt comfortable and at ease with him.”

Brendan Mayer
Co-founder, Siloe Ministries

“Rob is a digital artist who is highly skilled at the craft of storytelling. He has an eye for detail and a unique gift for putting his subjects at ease, the outcome of which are engaging productions that both captivate and inspire viewers.”

Clark Brekke
President/CEO, Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest

Some of Our Clients