We’ll meet you where you’re at

Whether you’re a seasoned video veteran or this is your first video project, we’ll give you the support you need every step of the way.

Proactive communication

It’s our goal to answer your questions before you even know you have them.

Dedication to your success

We put everything we’ve got into helping our clients reach their goals. We’d go door-to-door for them if we thought it would help, we just happen to think video is a more effective approach.

Videos change habits, sell products, and drive attention.

We don’t believe that because we’re in the video business, We’re in the video business because we believe that.

We want to make sure the right voices are amplified. If you’re positively impacting the world, treating your people well, and offering exceptional products and services, we want to get you the attention that you deserve. Once we’re in your corner, you can trust us to be 100% dedicated to your success. We’re a function-first video production company. We love making beautiful videos, but we don’t let our artistic vision get in the way of video that works.

Video is a tool, and tools exist to make work easier.

If you want video for the sake of video, there are a lot of options out there. If you want video that gets you a return on investment, you’ve come to the right place.

“When you’re doing these videos, whether it’s for an internal or external audience, you want them to look professional and polished and you really want the people to have the vision that you have and Little Fish gets that. It really was a partnership every step of the way.”

Caiti Bobbitt

Kootenai Health


Rob Culp

Shelby Culp

Scott Weller

Ilse Papst

Monica Cheney

Clint Mason

Evan Olson

Kendall Weideman

I’m guessing you’re not using video as much as you’d like to be because we are a video production company and even we aren’t using video as much as we’d like.

Be as involved or hands-off with the process as you’d like.

Imagine a world in which you’ve got a predictable marketing machine in place that delivers new business right to your door, that isn’t dependent on word of mouth referrals. A world in which you have to reduce your marketing budget, not because you can’t afford it, but because you literally can’t keep up with the new business. We’d like to help take you there. 

Rob Culp

Little Fish Owner